Great Leaders Are Made

For emerging female leaders looking to grow into an executive level role

The Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM™) Program for Women in Leadership is Australia’s most successful leadership training program specifically designed to empower current and future female leaders with real-world best practice leadership skills. In addition, we focus on further development of, self-awareness, self-leadership, career and your own brand leadership management skills.

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Since 2011, of the 700+ attendees of the GLAM program over 50% were promoted within their current organization, while many other attendees were considered for future promotion or joined new employers at a more senior level, within 1 year of completing the program. Practical development and empowerment of women in your organization for senior leadership roles is an excellent opportunity to maximize returns of your investment in your people whilst also creating a competitive global advantage. Increasingly, this is a compliance issue with the ASX and AICD requiring companies to increase the number of women to their executive teams and boards.

How the workshops will run

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The program format runs over six weeks, meeting over six 4-hour sessions which will incorporate breaks and interactive discussions using Zoom meeting rooms for group exercises.

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The sessions will be interactive. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively throughout the program and undertake homework in between each class.

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$3,500 + GST.

Course Outline and Benefits

The overall aim of the GLAM™ program is to empower participants with enhanced self-awareness and adaptive communication skills required for best practice leadership, whilst further developing their management and leadership skills broadly in preparation for more senior roles.


  • understanding your communication style and that of others
  • how we communicate in normal situations and how that changes under pressure
  • basic principles of effective communication and active listening


  • conflict resolution fundamentals
  • creating a win-win scenario
  • using the Conflict Map to effectively analyse and resolve conflict
  • turning conflict into collaborative opportunities
  • use a Career Swot Analysis tool to advance to the next level
  • how to network effectively and strategically
  • creating your own brand and managing your image


  • exploring the dimensions of Work/Life Balance
  • does it exist? Is it possible to have it all?
  • can you pursue other interests in life that are important to you?
  • leadership skills required now and in the future
Avril Henry

Avril Henry, Your Facilitator

Avril Henry, program designer and facilitator is a game changer who tells it like it is. She is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker and provocateur who is passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity capabilities and reforming outdated workplace practices.
Coming from a 23 year background in finance, IT, Human Resources and change management, in South Africa, Australia, the UK and USA, Avril founded her consultancy practice in 2003, Avril Henry and Associates.

Avril is the author and co-author of several books on leadership and the different generations at work, and her book, “Leadership Revelations II How Australians lead in Crises” was voted a “Must Buy, Must Read” and “Best Brain Food book of 2012”, by the Australian Financial Review BOSS magazine. In 2010 she released her first children’s book.
Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people globally since 2003, Avril is considered one of Australia’s premier and most engaging, entertaining, and practical keynote speakers who tells it like it is for each every subject she speaks on.

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