BNY Mellon Joins Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) as Corporate Member for 2023: A Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion

WiBF is pleased to announce that BNY Mellon, a global leader in financial services, has joined as a Silver Corporate Member for 2023. To commemorate this occasion, we recently sat down with Michelle Zhang, Director, Managing Counsel & China Country Counsel, and Anna O’Sullivan, APAC Head of Transaction Management, Corporate Trust.

BNY Mellon, through its business resource group, the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), had previously partnered with WiBF as a Corporate Bronze member in Australia. The positive feedback received from participants in these programs motivated BNY Mellon to expand the program reach to the broader Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With the guidance and support of the WiBF team, BNY Mellon successfully rolled out a comprehensive learning platform for the APAC region, benefitting not only employees in APAC but also all global WIN members through their silver corporate membership

As a corporate member of WiBF, BNY Mellon believes that Women in Banking and Finance can support their diversity and inclusion initiatives in several ways. WIN, with approximately 7,700 members across the globe, is one of BNY Mellon’s largest and well-established employee and business resource groups. The mission of WIN aligns closely with WiBF’s value proposition, which focuses on empowering women, fostering professional development, leadership opportunities, and enhancing connectivity within and outside the organisation. BNY Mellon is delighted to collaborate with WiBF in working towards a common goal of promoting women’s advancement and looks forward to sharing best practices with WIN members and their broader diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) office throughout the year.

Leveraging their membership with WiBF, BNY Mellon plans to attract and retain diverse talent in the financial industry. This year, BNY Mellon WIN introduced a dedicated segment to professional development, emphasising the growing importance of developing and retaining female talent within the company. By partnering with WiBF, BNY Mellon can provide bespoke training sessions, through WiBF’s Educational Suite to a carefully selected pool of top talents in the APAC region. Additionally, through WiBF’s curated webinars, BNY Mellon can extend valuable learning opportunities to a broader range of APAC and global employees.

Networking and mentorship opportunities provided by WiBF play a vital role in the development and success of professionals in the banking and finance industry. BNY Mellon recognises the significance of fostering connections and knowledge-sharing among peers across the industry. Through WiBF, BNY Mellon can stay updated with regular industry insights from leaders at banks, investment managers, and regulators. In addition to investing in educational events, BNY Mellon members have the opportunity to connect socially through networking events, both in person and online.

Within the diverse set of programs offered by WiBF, BNY Mellon is particularly excited about the Masterclass in Building your Personal & Professional brand with Ricky Nowak, WiBF’s Peak Performance Coaching sessions, and WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program. These programs aim to enhance the skills and capabilities of employees, empowering them to navigate their career paths and reach their full potential.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values for BNY Mellon. The company is committed to promoting gender equality and inclusion in the workplace, with “Strength in Diversity” being one of their foundational values. All employees, regardless of their role or rank, are encouraged to embody this value in their day-to-day operations.

The partnership between BNY Mellon and WiBF for 2023 is a testament to the shared commitment to diversity and inclusion within the banking and financial industry. With BNY Mellon’s expertise and resources combined with WiBF’s industry knowledge and network, both organisations are well-positioned to drive positive change and create a more diverse and inclusive future in the banking and finance sector.

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