WiBF Peak Performance Coaching

A flexible and tailored program that will empower you to set your sights high and achieve.

Are you striving to achieve a promotion or career advancement? Recently transitioned into a new role or planning a move towards one? Or simply want to play a bigger game? Then this program is for you.


Self-awareness survey & personal reflection

Get to know you & understand your program objective

Coaching sessions via web-conference

Actions towards your program objective


Own time

30 minutes

3 x 1 hour

Own time


Pre-work before lock off

Kick off session

3 – 4 weeks apart

Between coaching sessions

Peak Performance is a tailored coaching program offered exclusively to members of Women in Banking and Finance to support you through your next significant transition. Structured with the convenience of remote online delivery, the program is accessible to our members throughout Australia and offshore, with the flexibility to time sessions in line with your individual needs.

Each package includes individual pre-work and a guided kick-off session to establish your program goals, followed by three targeted sessions with the coach of your choice.

Peak Performance Coaching Program at a Glance

This program is designed with flexibility in mind. You can start at any time and pace the sessions to suit your personal needs:

3 x one-on-one career coaching sessions
Pre-work to set program goals in the context of your unique challenges
Flexible start date & timing of sessions to meet your needs
Convenient virtual meetings to minimise your downtime

Choose Your Coaches

Just as no two careers are the same, so are no two coaches. WiBF recognises that our members face many and varied hurdles as they navigate different stages of the journey, and accordingly we offer our members a panel of experienced Peak Performance coaches. Each coach brings specialist expertise and diverse experiences to guide their counterpart through the unique circumstances they may face, with rigour and a focus on accountability. Above all, participants can expect to be both supported and challenged through a process of exploration and advancement.

Your coach will work with you to articulate individual program goals, with topics covered in the coaching sessions focused on topic such as:

  • How to articulate your career goals and plan the tangible steps towards achievement
  • Assessing your career achievements to date and identifying appropriate next steps
  • How to build strategic networks and sell your strengths to get your next promotion
  • How to articulate very clearly what you need from your workplace to realise your career aspirations
  • Advice for managing upwards to manager and sponsors to ask for the pay rise or promotion you want
Ricky Nowak
Suzanne Mercier
Sheila Vijeyarasa
Teresa Curman

How the Workshops Will Run

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3 x one-on-one career coaching sessions.

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Participants work one-on-one with their preferred coach.

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Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.

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Flexible start date and timing of sessions to meet your needs with convenient virtual meetings to minimise your downtime.

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