WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program

Program overview:

This WiBF program covers the latest science and practice on 27 core aspects leaders need for career success including: building confidence, personal branding, mentors and sponsors, wellbeing and authentic leadership. The program is divided into 10 weekly live sessions and online modules to support the attendees in their leadership journey. The weekly courses allow participants to network in breakout groups and the opportunity to ask questions about the content and their experiences implementing the techniques over the weeks.

The modules cover ideas, including how one’s perspective shapes one’s worldview, experiences, and results in life. How we perceive the world extends to our mental and emotional health, meaning that we can adopt strategies to amend our reactions to life circumstances, allowing us to flourish in the short- and long term. As such, those who can master their mind can create a greater sense of freedom, growth, and flourish in both business and personal settings.

Participant hours:

20 hour program over 10 weeks


The program offers a weekly 1.5 hour session live with the facilitator, for 10 weeks held via Zoom. In between classes, participants can access a dashboard to view weekly video modules on-demand and interact with other participants through an online forum-style community. A virtual application for iOS and Android is available to download for on-the-go viewing and community interaction, as well as prompts related to the weekly topics, making this program extremely accessible for busy professionals and those who travel regularly.

Leadership And Mentoring

Andrew Rooke

Andrew is a former executive director from the banking, finance and technology industry who has led 100m+ companies and teams of 500+ personnel across the globe. His work has been featured on NBC, CBS, Fox News & USA Today. Andrew has been educated at London Business School and MIT, and trained by world-leading authorities in their disciplines such as Sharon Pearson, Dr. Daniel P. Brown, Paul Chek & Dr. Daniel Amen.


Program Welcome,
Introducing You and
Finding Us…

The Mind of an Integral Leader

Integral Leadership & World Views

Emotional Fitness, beyond Emotional Intelligence

Personal Wellbeing, Hardiness & Resilience

Leading Yourself To Lead Others

Personal Flourishing & Vital Engagement

Inspired Leadership

Growing High-Performance, Flourishing Cultures

Integration, Embodiment & Continued Growth

Who is the right fit:

The program is suited for all from entry level to executive employed by our Corporate Members
All gender identities welcome
If you are looking for the next step in your career, for personal growth and to flourish in your business, relationships and life

Program dates:

Cohort 1 begins 1st May 2024
Cohort 2 begins 9th October 2024

How the Workshops Will Run

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In this 10-week program, you’ll be introduced to foundational and profound tools and strategies for mental health, emotional resilience, and workplace wellbeing.

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Group setting via Zoom.

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Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.

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Virtual platform/dashboard which allows participants to view weekly video modules on demand and interact with other participants and Andrew directly in an online forum style community.

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