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Mentoring Program at a Glance

The program facilitates a mentoring relationship between professionals in middle to senior management, with more experienced individuals in the industry (any gender) who have a passion and genuine interest in mentoring.

Over the course of 8 months, mentees and mentors participate in relevant workshops and networking events, as well as a number of one-to-one mentoring sessions. Participants are matched according to their level of seniority, area of expertise, personality, learning styles and program goals.

The skillful pairing process has given the program a unique reputation for achieving consistent successful outcomes for both mentees and mentors. Each year the diversity, level of experience and caliber of the people involved ensures a matching process of the highest quality.

What are the qualifying criteria? What is the time commitment? What are the key benefits? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.


The Serendis Team

WiBF has partnered with Serendis for over a decade to deliver our WiBF Mentoring For Success program. Maud Lindley, founding director of Serendis, brings a deep working knowledge of the banking and finance sector to the program. Her background as an investment banker coupled with her credentials in psychology and coaching ensures that participants in the program are guided through their development with sensitivity and empathy.


Program At A Glance

What are the qualifying criteria for
mentors and mentees?

Mentees must meet three of the following requirements:

Minimum of 10 years’ professional experience
Currently managing a team
Aspiring to a senior leadership position in the near future
A clear agenda relating to the enhancement of strategic skills, stakeholder engagement and/or development of their leadership profile
Four grades or less below CEO level

Mentors must meet three of the following requirements:

Minimum of 20 years’ professional experience
No more than two grades below CEO level
Significant experience at a strategic leadership level
Prior successful informal or formal mentoring experience

What is the time commitment for the Program? 

Over the eight-month program, from April – November, the commitment is:

Mentees are required to commit to attending the events group workshops (average 2 hours a month for 8 months) and six to eight mentoring meetings with their mentor.
Mentors are required to commit to attending the group workshops (average 90 mins a month for 8 months) and six to eight mentoring meetings with their mentee.

Pairing of mentors and mentees 

Each mentee is paired with a mentor from another organisation. The benefits associated with a matching process across the banking and finance industry are numerous. Mentors can provide:

A fresh, different perspective
A ‘safer’ space to discuss challenges
Relevant expertise and understanding of the specific challenges and culture of this industry


  • Highly experiential, interactive workshops for mentees
  • Facilitated mentor sessions
  • Highly rigorous matching process
  • HBDI® – the worldwide standard for measuring thinking preferences & brain dominance
  • Personal support by executive coaches
  • Comprehensive support material for mentors and mentees

For Mentees:

A trust-based, open and direct conversation with a leader who challenges thinking supportively
An experienced outside perspective free from bias or conflicting interests 
Advice on how to progress their careers, position their brands and enhance leadership acumen
Enhancement of soft skills, leadership competencies and confidence
Feedback on how to implement positive changes and overcome challenges
A broader network with peers and industry leaders

For Mentors:

Enhance their inclusive leadership capabilities and awareness, triggered by their mentee’s perspectives in addition to shared discussion forums with industry peers 
Satisfaction in ‘giving back’
Collaboration and networking with industry peers
Develop a practical understanding of how to create a more balanced culture in their organisations and the broader sector in order to provide equal opportunities for women and men in leadership. 

For Organisations:

Enhanced learning, leading to improved performance for employees 
Knowledge transfer from experienced leaders to less experienced 
Retention of key people 
Progress towards creating a culture of inclusion.

How the Workshops Will Run

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WiBF flagship initiative combines informal and formal sessions between mentees and mentors with a series of events and workshops designed to accelerate career progression, enhance participants leadership and mentoring capabilities, and develop connections across the industry.

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WiBF has a National cohort and a Sydney based cohort with an average of 110 mentors and mentees every year.

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Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.

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  • In-person workshop style.
  • Length of the program is 8 months.

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