Sue Ann Wong, Wisr

Meet Sue Ann Wong, Senior Product Owner at Wisr, winner of the WiBF Product or Technical Innovator Award and aspiring baker of sourdough bread – baking 200 loaves of bread in 2020 alone!


Introducing Sue Ann Wong, she is the Senior Product Owner at Wisr and is responsible for leading a team that builds and maintains the products that is used for loan origination and processing loans.

Sue Ann was able to attend WiBF’s 2022 Award Celebrations at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney, and she shared that she “enjoyed being in a room with so many high achieving women in the industry.” When we asked Sue Ann about how it felt hearing her name being announced as the 2022 award winner, she described it perfectly stating that it was “quite literally a jaw dropping moment!” She then added that “winning this award was a huge milestone” for her. Her message to us around the WiBF Awards was clear, in that she hoped “it inspires more women to lead a similar path and increase the participation of women in tech and STEM in the coming generations.” Being a 2022 Award Winner, Sue Ann notes that the award helps her to “build her reputation and establishes trust that she is able to deliver tangible business results which may open up new opportunities in the future.”

Sue Ann has built a career around building technically complex digital products with software teams. Every company has different needs depending on the maturity of the products and current challenges. Her advice to people who enter product management roles is that “it’s important to have a healthy level of obsession with the problem you’re solving so that you’re always thinking of the customer.”

When asked what was the game changer moment in her career, Sue Ann shared that it was when she “realised where her strengths were.” It provided her with “the much-needed clarity and direction for what roles were most suitable for her and the type of working environment she can thrive in.”

The WiBF Awards recognises and celebrates leading and talented women in the banking and finance sector. Sue Ann shares what recognition means to her and she “thinks recognition is a by-product of continuing to add value in our day-to-day work. Adding value to everyone around you whether in a meeting, a project or directly to your team. There’s always an opportunity to leave someone or something better off after an interaction with you.”

Besides Sue Ann’s impressive career, she has recently completed her first half marathon and is preparing to do it all again at the upcoming Blackmores half marathon event. If that’s not impressive enough, she surprised us further with a unique talent as a baker of sourdough bread! She learnt and counted having baked 200 loaves in 2020!

With the 2022 WiBF Award in hand, Sue Ann is motivated to continue doing what she does best, “building products with delightful experiences.”

Watch Sue Ann Wong’s acceptance speech – here.

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