Trudy’s Journey with WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program

Trudy, a dedicated banking professional and owner-manager of Bank of QLD in Bundaberg, recently embarked on a life-changing journey with WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program. In our recent program information session, Stephanie Girard, CEO at WiBF sat down with Trudy to discuss her experience with the program and the profound impact it had on her personal wellbeing and leadership skills.Trudy has been working in the banking industry for over 20 years, previously in a corporate banking environment and as a Bank Manager and Local Business Banker. She is the proud mother of three young kids ranging from 4 to 11 years old. Alongside leading a team of 10, she also mentors and supports other new owner-managers, particularly women, and is a member of the Women in Franchise program with BOQ.

“As a business owner myself, I am deeply passionate about helping and supporting my local community, including other small business owners,” said Trudy.

Before starting the program, Trudy had attended several leadership courses over the years. However, she often found that, as a mother and leader, she consistently put others’ wellbeing before her own.

“I believe this is a common trait among women in leadership. I often found myself time-poor and felt guilty when attempting to prioritize my own wellbeing. Although I took pride in my leadership and team engagement, I struggled to find a balance and understand the underlying reasons behind my tendencies,” continued Trudy.

These challenges affected Trudy’s day-to-day life, “not having a balanced approach or understanding of why I naturally prioritised others’ wellbeing over my own meant that I often neglected my own self-care. It became a challenge to allocate time or mental capacity to focus on my personal wellbeing. Additionally, I realised that my responsiveness as a leader and in other relationships lacked depth. Through the program, I learned to move away from defensive or disappointed reactions and approach situations more constructively.”

When Stephanie asked Trudy what had motivated her to join WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program, she said she was intrigued by the combination of wellbeing and leadership in the program. “The concept of flourishing in the context of leadership and wellbeing fascinated me. Having attended numerous leadership courses in the past, I felt that this program offered something fresh and exciting that I hadn’t encountered before,” she said.

Trudy found the weekly time commitment for the program forced her to prioritise her own wellbeing. Attending the program and engaging with the content in real-time proved immensely beneficial. “I found it most impactful to implement strategies and concepts between sessions, as the program was designed as a progressive, week-by-week growth journey,” said Trudy.

When asked what the key lessons she learnt were, Trudy commented on how the program’s structure, particularly the first half which focuses on self-care and how it influences our behaviors and interactions with others, was exactly what she didn’t know she needed. “I experienced eye-opening moments of self-awareness and gained a deeper understanding of possible reactions in various situations. This understanding enabled me to bring my best self forward, not only for me but also for my team and family. The program’s second half delved into leadership, building upon the foundations of wellbeing and flourishing. It opened up a whole new perspective on leadership for me.”

Trudy’s transformative journey with WiBF’s Workplace Wellbeing & Flourishing Leadership Program showcases the profound impact that a holistic approach to leadership and personal wellbeing can have. By prioritising her own self-care and understanding the underlying reasons behind her behaviours, Trudy discovered a new way of leading—one that fosters wellbeing and flourishing within herself and those she influences.

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