WiBF 2023 Annual General Meeting

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Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, May 22nd, 2023, marking another successful year of progress and achievements. Led by independent Chair Diana D’Ambra, the meeting provided a platform to celebrate the organisation’s remarkable growth and the notable increase in new programs and corporate members.

WiBF’s President, Sangeeta Venkatesan, delivered an inspiring address, highlighting WiBF’s significant advancements over the past 12 months. With a strong emphasis on fostering gender diversity and inclusive leadership practices within the Australian banking and financial services sector, WiBF has been instrumental in driving positive change.

One of the key topics discussed during the AGM was the remarkable growth of WiBF as an organisation. Over the past year, WiBF has experienced a substantial increase in both its membership base and university partners. This growth can be attributed to WiBF’s tireless efforts in advocating for gender diversity and promoting the advancement of women in the banking and financial industry.

During the meeting, special recognition was given to Adrienne Bloom, who was re-elected as a Director of WiBF. Bloom’s continued commitment demonstrates her unwavering dedication to WiBF’s mission and objectives. Additionally, Rebecca Crabb, who had been filling a casual vacancy since January 2023, was elected as a Director. Crabb’s election further strengthens WiBF’s leadership team and brings valuable expertise and insights to the organisation.

Looking ahead, WiBF aims to build on its momentum and expand its reach, further engaging with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and policymakers.

The AGM served as an opportunity to express gratitude to all WiBF members and directors for their ongoing support and dedication. Their collective efforts have been pivotal in driving WiBF’s initiatives and generating a tangible, positive impact within the Australian banking and financial services sector.

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