Cynthia Savage, Westpac Banking Corporation

Meet Cynthia Savage, thriving Executive Assistant at Westpac and 2022 winner of the WiBF Award for Achievement for EA/PA role.

Introducing Cynthia Savage, Executive Assistant for Managing Director of Corporate & Institutional Banking at Westpac.Cynthia attended WiBF’s 2022 Award Celebrations at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney on the 2nd of September. We asked her to share her thoughts on the event. “Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to pull off such an event, bringing so many inspirational women together under one roof to celebrate and support each other’s achievements. After nearly 3 years of uncertainty and cancelled events, the energy in the room was buzzing,” she said. When we asked Cynthia how it felt to be a 2022 Award Winner she said “I’m still not over the nomination! So much of what we do as EAs and PAs is done quietly behind the scenes. A huge thank you to WIBF for creating a space for EAs and PAs to be recognised.”

Cynthia shared with us more about her career journey and what she loves most about her role. “I took my first secretarial job when I was 19 years old. One of the unique attributes of these types of roles – and one of the reasons I love it so much, is, at its heart, it’s completely focused on helping others and supporting the team. Because of that, it was easy for me to become passive in my own career and influence, yet I have insights that other people in the organisation might not have visibility of. Once I realised that wherever I went I had the ear of leaders, and the responsibility that comes with that, I started using my voice where I could to help navigate positive change. I love building relationships and being an EA allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s important to people in all levels of the team. If I can help someone, if there’s a problem I can solve – that’s my golden hour.” Now that is the answer of someone who loves what they do!

Cynthia shared some career advice with us that has worked for her throughout the years. “Set clear processes, be consistent, but always be open and flexible. At the end of the day, any move is better than no move. Take action! You don’t think your way into a new way of thinking – you act your way into a new way of thinking,” she shared. When it comes to standing out from the crowd in the workplace, this is what Cynthia had to say. “Let your work speak for itself. Know your values, stay true to yourself, keep moving forward, and make sure you lift others up along the way,” she said.

Besides Cynthia’s growing impressive career, she shared with us more about her behind the scenes. “I identify as an introvert. As a career assistant, I love being around people and thrive off of building those key connections, but it can take me awhile to recharge after a long week,” she said. When it comes to knowing what direction to take, she shared her go to move. “I have a few of what I call ‘unofficial mentors’. Some of them are people that I’ve met – one of them is likely to be reading this – and some I will never meet. I have found inspirational qualities in these people and when I’m unsure of myself of need direction, I imagine how they would react and what they would do,” she said.

With a 2022 WiBF Award in hand, Cynthia leaves you with this thought, “Let the relationships you build along the way drive you forward.” Watch Cynthia Savage’s WiBF award acceptance speech –here.

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