WiBF Inclusive Leadership Program

Program overview:

Designed and delivered by Suzanne Mercier, Purpose to Profit, WiBF Inclusive Leadership Program provides participants with increased self-awareness, inclusive leadership capability, leading to a more inclusive culture that is welcoming to talented diverse hires.

Embracing diversity and embedding inclusive practices can positively influence leadership capability, impact, improve representation at senior levels, enhance collaboration and innovation, decision-making, increase attraction, retention and engagement of talented staff. It can also deliver more satisfied internal and external stakeholders, improve systems and processes, all the way through to increasing bottom line.

WiBF Inclusive Leadership Program has been designed to identify barriers to inclusion and provide a practical pathway to dismantling those barriers, to strengthen inclusive leadership practices and to contribute to a culture of inclusion.

The program is layered and initially addresses mindset as the most significant contributing factor to diversity and inclusion. In this stage of the program, we work with tools & processes to identify and dismantle barriers to diversity and inclusion. The next stage of the program involves key soft skills to enhance both strategic and day-to-day leadership capability in a more inclusive work environment.

Participant hours:

  • Prior to commencement, each participant will (a) complete a pre-program questionnaire followed by (b) a 1:1 half-hour session to explore specific situations
  • The program itself consists of 4 x 2 hour content sessions (weeks 1, 2, 4 and 5)
  • It is supported by 2 x 1.5 hour group coaching sessions (weeks 3 and 6)
  • To get the most out of the program it is recommend participants spend between 30-60 minutes per content week to review content and complete exercises


This program offers weekly sessions live with the facilitator, for 6 weeks held via Zoom.

Leadership And Mentoring

Suzanne Mercier

Suzanne is a performance catalyst working with business leaders to help them recognise and develop their potential. She is considered Australia’s expert on identifying and moving beyond limiting mindsets including the Imposter Syndrome, a key barrier to performance. Her focus on setting clear outcomes and pathways forward including dismantling barriers have led to significant shifts in self-leadership, transformational leadership, employee engagement, client service, culture, performance and bottom line. As the first woman on the Board of George Patterson Advertising, she understands the journey up the career ladder and working at the highest levels.

Who is the right fit:

People who are decision-makers in their organisation
People who are open to expanding their own perspective and increasing the bottom line of their business
All genders and cultures welcome

WIBF Inclusive Leadership Program tackles D&I from a different perspective.

Diversity & Inclusion is a wicked problem – one that cannot be defined.

There is no right or wrong answer. Simply the question of whether the strategy implemented moved the needle in a positive way. We believe the approach for this program will have a positive impact on inclusion and therefore open up increased opportunities for diversity.

The program will deliver outcomes on 4 levels for participants:

  1. Personal expansion and increased wisdom
  2. Improved inclusive leadership capability and positive contribution to an inclusive culture
  3. Increased employee engagement with existing employees
  4. A more attractive environment for talented diverse hires

Program dates:

Tuesday, 26th March 2024
Tuesday, 24th September 2024

How the Workshops Will Run

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6 week program commitment.

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Group and individual sessions.

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Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.

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90-150 minutes per week. Delivered via Zoom.

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