Welcome WiBF’s Newest Team Member

WiBF is pleased to announce the arrival of Lisa Wallis to the team as Business Development Executive.

Lisa Wallis brings over a decade of experience in sales, marketing and management to the team. Lisa is an avid advocate for equality in workplaces, and having returned to the workforce after an extended maternity leave, she is particularly passionate about creating and promoting pathways to facilitate a smooth return to the workforce following prolonged breaks.

Lisa looks forward to meeting WiBF members, building the membership base and ensuring that all members receive an exceptional experience.

She can be reached at lisa@wibf.org.au and 0422 139 440.

From left to right: Lisa Wallis – Business Development Executive, Kiesha Back – Marketing Coordinator, Rosie Arnautovic – Events & Education Coordinator, Katarina Aldeguer – Operations Manager, Stephanie Girard – Chief Executive Officer.

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Suzanne Mercier
Sheila Vijeyarasa
Teresa Curman

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