WiBF 14th Annual Forum hosted by Deutsche Bank

WiBF (Women in Banking and Finance) would like to express its sincere appreciation to all the attendees who joined us for the highly anticipated 14th Annual Forum hosted by Deutsche Bank. The event proved to be an enlightening and engaging evening, filled with valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions.

One of the highlights of the evening was a riveting panel session featuring esteemed guests, including four-time Olympian Lauren Jackson, Atlassian’s Head of Research Liesa Reichelt, non-executive director and advisor Gabrielle Trainor, and commentator and moderator Adam Spencer. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the discussion, shedding light on how they are embracing the ‘new normal’ with a fresh and forward-thinking approach.

The past few years have brought unprecedented challenges and transformations to our lives, prompting us to reimagine various aspects of our personal and professional spheres. The panelists explored how they are navigating this period of change and uncertainty, and how these experiences have shaped their perspectives on what lies ahead. The discussion delved into the possibilities and opportunities that arise when we embrace a fresh outlook and adapt to the evolving landscape.

The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the panelists provided a rich tapestry of insights, inspiring attendees to reflect on their own approaches to the ‘new normal.’ By sharing their experiences and perspectives.

WiBF, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and forward-thinking environment within the banking and finance sector. The 14th Annual Forum exemplified our commitment to providing a platform for dialogue, learning, and growth, where attendees could gain valuable insights from industry leaders and thought influencers.

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