Dr Louise Mahler

2021 Speaker of Excellence Award Winner, Dr Louise Mahler is passionate about helping others ‘be heard’ in their leadership roles. A global thought leader in voice and body psychology in leadership, her clients are exemplars in their spheres and her specialty is transforming frogs to princes. She has travelled Asia, USA and Europe over the past decade delighting audiences with original, practical and useful information to help them evolve their communication, buoyed by her experience as an opera singer at the Vienna State Opera and her PhD in Leadership Communication, backed by Masters in Organisational Psychology, a Master of Neuro-Linguistics and a Degree in Economics.

The author of Resonate with Penguin Random House, Louise is a regular guest for television and radio, voted as one of the top 50 thought leaders by IBM and an international Stevie Award Winner in 2020 for her contribution to Women in Business.Listening to Louise you be entranced by how she walks her talks and acts as an active example of the work she espouses and you will learn, you will laugh and you will never be the same again.

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