Melita Long

Melita Long is a CDAA and CICA qualified career strategist and executive coach who has successfully coached/trained 3,000+ clients since 2003.

Melita has run Careers on Purpose since 2005 specialising in coaching mid-life career professionals and executives from all professions and industries including across banking and finance, to achieve career success.

She has 20 years in career coaching, as well as HR, recruitment, training, and corporate marketing roles in tertiary education, healthcare, the public sector, financial and professional services, in Australasia and Europe.

As a Career Development Consultant at Melbourne Business School for 3 years she coached MBA, executive and senior executive MBA students up to C-suite and Board level.

Melita teaches people to identify and quantify their achievements and define their value in their CVs, LinkedIn, cover letters, personal branding, and interviews. She also helps her clients progress their careers, get new promotions, and negotiate better salary and conditions.

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